Saturday, April 28, 2012

putting the dollies to bed

It's hard to believe that our season here ~ our 11th ~ is almost over. Last night was our final dinner at Dago's, today will be my last opera ~ Die Walkure ~, tomorrow our last comida at Fernando's, etc. I don't like these countdowns.

First to go in the living room were my puta dollies who reside on top of the bookcase and oversee all our follies. Next were the two large watercolors that belonged to my parents. They bought them during a trip to Puerto Vallerta in 1960.  They hung in the guest room in their home in Newport Beach until 2000 when my mother sold the house and moved into an apartment. I took immediate custody and had them in the US house until they emigrated here.  In case of disaster those will be the first things I grab! Between them hangs a watercolor done by my friend Marie as a gift for my birthday in 2010. The ubiquitous Virgin of Guadalupe's. No home should be without her.

Now it's all packed away to spend the hot, humid, buggy summer in our cool, dark closet.

 Today I'll finish cleaning out my closet, hanging my "beach only" clothes in the downstairs closet, shrouded in big black plastic bags. Our guests departed on Wednesday and we got busy getting the larger guest room packed up. The smaller room we use for storing chairs and other furniture. It's getting pretty full.

Postscript to the last two postings: Something very strange has happened to this blog. I can no longer insert spaces between the heading and the start of the text and have to encode the underline. The whole look of Blogspot has changed, new coding has been inserted and I am NOT happy with the way it looks.

Post-postscript: I figured it out; all that automatic coding now must be put in by hand. But it still will not insert space at the bottom no matter what I do. I am not amused.


Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Maybe you ought to install some A/C there & just be permanent expats... It sure is a hassle to pack away everything!!! And, then there's the scary trip back & forth. As for summer heat, it's not exactly cool in Sacto, either.

mary ann said...

It must be so hard to pack up, sort of like the end of summer when we were kids. I will remind you to come to SF for the Photography of Mexico exhibit at SFMoma ~ and a smart lunch of course. I miss the dolls already!
The blog itself looks just fine. Now to type the 2 words I can't see...