Sunday, August 19, 2012

he came, he swam . . .

. . . he ate, he drank, he slept. We talked, we laughed, he fixed a couple of things on my computer, and then he left. This would be g'son Andrew of whom I write. He trained up from SF on Friday evening, had a couple of days of laziness and relaxation, being waited on by his doting g'parents, and then headed home early this afternoon. It is such a treat and treasure to have him close enough for an occasional visit.

Meanwhile, g'daughter Emily is making her final preparations to move into the dorm at USC on Wednesday. These kids have grown up so fast, but I think all parents (and g'parents) think the same. Where's that cute little toddler I once knew?

We are going to a memorial for Rafa later on today. A Costa Rican-syle b-b-q. Full details to follow.

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