Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mr. C plays Huck

Mr. C has been busy with the paint brush for the last few days, putting a coat of paint on our new fence panels. It gets too hot by about 11 AM, so these efforts are for the early morning.

I, meanwhile, am dealing with the doc's reading of my x-ray results. Arthritis of the lower spine. I am going to a physical therapist next week to get some pointers on how to live with the pain and limitations caused by this condition. This is really ridiculous but he says it's probably a late-in-life result of about 20 years of ballet and modern dance. I thought it was from lounging around and being slothful.

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Liz says:

Sorry about your spine problem & pain. Physical therapy & the proper exercizes can work wonders. Have had PT a couple of times for assorted painful ailments, and it worked very well. Also, keep up the swimming, as it is easy on your spine & strengthens those core muscles.

Love from Dr. Bunz...