Monday, August 13, 2012

trying to live with grief

I don't seem to be able to concentrate on anything.  I have things to do but I'm just not interested.  We've lost two old friends in two days and it's like a body blow.  I sat out in the garden yesterday morning and ran through the 20 years of Marie memories.  That brought on both laughter and tears.  I did manage to keep my mind on this delightful movie, though.  A perfect distraction.

William Holden was so young; Judy Holiday so ditzy.

Hot again today. We are finally getting our books put back in the shelves in the "library" after the paint job. For the last couple of weeks it has felt as though we were moving out or hadn't yet moved in. Back to normal now.

I'm treating my back very gently these days. The Physical Therapist told me that not only is there arthritis but the last disk on my spine is worn very thin and that's what's giving me the pain. She prescribed a variety of exercises to give the disc some relief and to strengthen supporting muscles in my pelvis. I'm not really interested in those, either. But doing them relieves the pain and I am interested in that.

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mary ann said...

Sorry, Susan, I know it's rough for you, a double blow.