Thursday, August 30, 2012

my week at the movies

Seeing as how Mr. C was laughing it up in Ohio, I took the time to saturate myself with movies, new and old. It all started with "Hope Springs" on the big screen. My take: if you are married, have ever been married, have thought about marriage, have thought better about marriage, see this movie. If you have been in any of the above situations, you will see either yourself or your partner. Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell on the same screen? It doesn't get any better.

Right after I got home I rented "My Week With Marilyn" about the making of "The Prince and the Showgirl." Michelle Williams did a spectacular job in her role as Marilyn.

So of course I had to rent the latter, partly because I wanted to compare the persona of Lawrence Olivier and Kenneth Brannaugh, who plays Olivier in the "My Week" movie. Perfect match. Brilliant. MM was so luminous, so delicious, so wise.
Running down the list, I also watched "Morning Glory", the original with Katherine Hepburn for which she won her first Oscar. Sort of tiresome. Then "Cairo Time", "The Lady Vanishes" (oldie Hitchcock), "Today's Special" about the life of a Greek restaurant, a BBC Masterpiece Theatre production "Any Human Heart", "Albert Nobbs", and am now half way through "The Last September." I recommend them all. Glenn Close is brilliant as Albert Nobbs. Janet McTeer is also in that one;she's one of my favorite British actresses.

But my movie going now is ended. Mr. C arrived home this morning so it's once again time to "get serious" about whatever. I am still NOT paying any attention to conventions or political ads or other trashy news.

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Liz says:

In my ongoing political junkie mode, I watched the GOP convention. Gag. Boring as heQQ.

First night of Dem Convention (9/4) was great!!! All about women, women's rights, diversity, Latinos-- & lots of outstanding speeches-- especially the gorgeous Michelle!!!

Tonight we get the Big Dog, Bill. Plus lots of other good folks.

You really should watch, Susan...