Monday, March 11, 2013

biblioteca Las Palmas

This is a photo of the front of our little library.  The gringo portion is on the right side, behind the palm.  Today was a work day to get ready for the installation of our new wooden shelving.

This old wooden shelf will be moved and the new shelves go in its place

We took all the books off of this tall shelf and two smaller shelves and piled them up on the other side of the room to leave lots of space for our new units.  This wooden shelf stays although it will be repositioned.  The new shelving will take the place of this one and the old metal book case to its right.

After moving all the books, we swept the floor and left it ready and clean for the new furniture.

New shelving goes here

Tomorrow Bob and Roger will assemble the shelves in the library room and  Wednesday afternoon the bibliophiles will return to reshelve and PURGE the books that, over time, have been infested with termites, gotten water damage, been nibbled on by any variety of insect, or are the second or third copies.   We'll probably actually have extra room!

Last night's excitement included a blackout at about 8:30, just as we're getting ready to have a little supper.  We scurried around to light candles all over the living room and it actually looked quite pretty.

It was very, very dark with no moonlight and a cloud cover so no stars.  We looked out toward town; pitch black.  Just as we're settling in for a romantic candlelight supper a deux, on come the lights.  What a shock after such soft, flickering light.  Nobody knows what happened to send the whole town into the dark; downed lines?  sabotage?  Probably an iguana chewed through something.  There have been a couple of very brief outages today, too.  But we'll be prepared if it happens again tonight.


mary ann said...

OK, now will you organize the books Fiction/non-fiction? Alpha by author?
I need to get down there and help...
(and yes the candlelight is lovely)

The Fevered Brain said...

The books are all in alpha order with little stickers on the spine with the author's name 9or part). And we even used the DDS for non-fiction. We had a retired librarian leading us for awhile. We're no slouches when it comes to organizing a library!