Sunday, March 31, 2013

saturday scenes

Happy Easter to one and all!  Here are some notable scenes from yesterday's revelers.

Yesterday morning this little truck pulled up and unloaded its cargo.

Several hours later the driver returned and loaded it  up again.  This was the cargo.

Finally, everyone was in and they were off!  The final count was 4 adults in the cab and 12 kids of assorted ages in the back.   NOTE:  It is said that on the test for a Mexican driver's license there is the following question:  How many persons may you legally transport in the open bed of a truck:  (1) 5; (2) 3;  (3) 2;  (4) None.  According to Fernando, most people think the answer is more like 8 or 10!

I hope they had a wonderful day at the beach, all 16 of them, and that they got home safely!

Another interesting conveyance was this old Tecate® beer truck that had been converted to a rolling motel.  

The solid roof had been removed in favor of open air roof that was covered by a tarp at night.  I don't know how many people were living in it over the two or three days it was parked across the street, but furniture was moved in and out, food was prepared next to it and handed into the back.  Then yesterday it was packed up and away it rolled.  Again, hope whoever was in it had a fine time.  I must say that the weather has been cooperating perfectly; sunny, clear, breezy, not at all humid.

More of the same today.  I had a quiet night at Patty's.  Mr. C reports that the disco finally shut down sometime after 4 AM.  I don't know it it's going to crank up tonight but if so I'll go to Patty's again.  Meanwhile, we'll go to Fernando's for an Easter comida this afternoon and, if I can get the car out of the garage and make my way through the traffic I'll go play dominoes this afternoon with Charlotte.

This second week of holiday, known as Pasqua (as opposed to the first week, Semana Santa) is usually much quieter with no disco and smaller crowds.  We'll be spending most of our time packing up the house in preparation for our departure three weeks from today.  I don't even want to think about it . . .

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mary ann said...

fun post, thanks! Patty's garden is delightful