Saturday, March 30, 2013

good Good Friday

Early last evening I decided to walk down to Dago's to get my shrimp dinner and bring it home rather than stay there.  Wow!  There must have been 100 people in his puesto, both down at the shore and in the upper restaurant.  The place was in full "feed the multitudes" frenzy, so I turned around and went to Fernando's.  There were probably 150 people there, too, but he has twice as much space and it runs like a smoothly oiled machine.  So I ordered my dinner and sat surveying the scene while nursing a very cold Victoria beer.  The proprietor came over to chat; he's been doing a very brisk business during this holiday week and was very happy.

After dinner, Mr. C. drove me down to Patty's and this time the gate was unlocked and I got in without any problem.  She and I sat up in her mirador at the edge of her garden and watched the sunset and the goings-on among the campers along the shore.  It was a beautiful, warm night and a real pleasure to sit and chat with her.  We don't see her nearly enough.  i finally turned in about 10 PM and slept, undisturbed, until almost 8 AM this morning.  I had deliberately stayed awake all day yesterday on my pitiful 3 hours of sleep so I would conk out easily last night.

This is the beach view of early morning beach walkers from her mirador.  Not too shabby!

Early morning walkers

Looking north
And here's a shot of Patty's lovely garden.

We've been to some really fine parties held in this lovely home.

I get to go back here tonight.  Oh, lucky me!

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Liz says:

Lucky you, indeed! Hope Patty is well & enjoying life there in her beautiful spot. Please give her my best regards. She is one of my very favorite people in Cuyutlan...