Wednesday, March 27, 2013

lunch in Suchitlán

Before I detail our delightful (and delicious) lunch up in Suchitlán last Thursday, let me note for future reference that one of the "music" venues has opened up this afternoon.  There will be three such spots at our end of the malecon;  the disco, a botanero next door to it that is featuring "music", and El Faro, a restaurant of sorts that's right next door to that and has its own sound system.  So we will have three separate enterprises playing three separate turntables to give us three separate blasts.  I think it's El Faro that's up and running right now.  As I write this the house is shaking with the force of the bass.  Lovely.

We drove up to this charming village at the foot of the volcanoes to enjoy a splendid lunch at Los Portales, our favorite restaurant in an old coffee plantation.  We went with Frans and Aline, friends who live here.

Aline is French Canadian, Frans is Dutch,  It all makes for fascinating conversation held in a potpourri if accents.  I had my usual ~ birria ~ as did both F and A.  Mr. C opted for chili relleno picadillo which he pronounced good but nowhere near Chuy's 5-star!  The town was quiet and almost deserted and we had a pleasant stroll around the traditional jardin.

We got back home about 5 o'clock after a really lovely day.  On the way out of town we passed another restaurant none of us has been to and declared we'd do lunch again next year at that new spot.

Meanwhile, read this book.  Save Kleenex® for end.  Brilliant.

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