Friday, March 29, 2013

where is everyone?

These are views from our front balcony at 10 AM yesterday morning.  Very unusual for the Thursday morning before Easter.  Usually when we go to bed on Wednesday night the place is deserted, but in the morning the little lot across the street is crowded with tents and the streets jammed with cars.  Not so this year.  Here's last year; you can see what I mean.

Much doom-saying by such as Jack, that it's going to be a bad season for the puesto owners who make the majority of their money during these 10 days.  In fact, I went down to Fernando's for lunch (delicious shrimp taco and cold, cold beer) just to be sure he at least made 45 pesos!

However, by 2 o'clock, things were looking up (for them-not us!).  But still not as crowded as last year.

Still no tents, but lots of cars, and it got worse as the day went on.  I went down to Charlotte's for dominoes and when I came back the streets were so clogged I could barely get through.  Before the music cranked up for the night I headed down to Patty's where I had been invited to sleep only to find that the key she had given me wouldn't let me in.  So home I came and lived through the first night of the full-blown disco.  The music was so loud that the vibrations set off our car alarm warning beeps. It finally quit at 3:45 AM only to be followed by a half hour of a brass band either practicing, winding down, or playing for a party at the end of the street.  They finally got tired and quit.  At 7 AM this morning some joker turned on a car stereo and I was awakened by really bad ranchero music at full volume.   But, hey!  Only three more nights, and I AM going to Patty's tonight and she'll be home to let me in!

The opera tomorrow is La Traviata with Diana Damreau as Violetta and Placido Domingo, a tenor turned barritone for this role, as her nemesis, Germont.  I hope the disco will put a lid on it long enough for me to listen.  I will probably go down to Dago's tonight so I can have my "Opera Salad" tomorrow, but I'll check the crowd level beforehand.  Mr. C is a bit under  the weather with a bit of the jippy tummy so he'll stay home and sip broth or some other exotic dish. 

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mary ann said...

I know it's agony for you, but I always enjoy your Easter disco celebration stories.