Wednesday, April 24, 2013

from Gila Bend, AZ

This was the view from our room in San Carlos yesterday.

This is the view from our room tonite, in Gila Bend.

We have stayed in the same hotel in San Carlos for many years and, sadly, have watched it deteriorate year by year.  This time the towels were just about see-through, the light bulb in the one lamp in the room blew out and we were left fumbling around in the dim light shed by a 25 watt ceiling light.  When I turned on the ceiling light in the kitchen area it started leaking water so we stopped usiing it.  But the view is unbeatable and it is the last night of listening to sea sounds.

We had another absolutely perfect day on the road.  We got away from San Carlos at 5:45 AM, zipped through Hermosillo quickly, reached the border about 11 AM, breezed right through border control, and got here . . .

by 3:30 PM.  Lots to working lamps, thick and thirsty towels, little 'fridge to keep food and wine cold.  Mr. C has gone off to get our dinner; Burger King chicken salad for me, Mac fishburger for him.  And tomorrow it's on to Newport Beach for a shopping trip to Trader Joe's and an overnight before heading home on Friday.

All thanks to Mr. C for a safe piloting of Vincent and all our worldly goods over 1300 miles.

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ddmichel said...

so glad to hear you had safe trip! I have been thinking about you and looked for your update everyday.