Saturday, April 6, 2013

mr. c's harvest

Remember the tomato plants, how there were all leaf and no fruit?  Well, given enough time, water, sun, and tending they have finally started to bear fruit.

Little green pearls

We'll be back in the US before these things get ripe but Jack will have a feast!  Except for these.

We're having a little dinner party on Tuesday evening and plan to harvest these beauties to add to the meal.  All of these fruits came off of one plant, the one that now tops 9'!

No opera today.  It's Wagner's Das Rheingold and not being a fan I'll pass and spend the time packing up all my stuff to take home.   We've decided we will fly down next year so anything sizable that we want to keep has to go back this year.  Vincent the Van is going to be jammed full.

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Liz says:

I always enjoy your photos so much (as well as the blog, of course). That is one fine camera you've got there, Bunz!

Glad you'll get a few tomatoes before you take off...