Tuesday, April 23, 2013

from San Carlos

It was foggy down to the ground when we woke up this morning.  Mr. C made the very wise executive decision that we would therefore loiter around Zar's, have breakfast in their cafe, and wait awhile before heading out.  This hotel, although very convenient and certainly stay-able, will probably be termed "shabby" within the next few years.  Very shoddy construction but it does have an intriguing "beam me up, Scotty" shower that you can almost turn around in.

Packed up and got underway at 8:30.  Another utterly unremarkable drive even though we went through four military check points.  We only fit the profile of "returning gringos" so they are not interested in speaking to us.  We are now waiting for our room to be prepared here at the Fiesta Real in San Carlos.  I counted up our visits here; 15 times, beginning in the spring return trip of 2002.   Lordy, these people have watched us grow old!  We'll spend the afternoon out on our little balcony, watching the beautiful bay, reading and drinking beer.  Tomorrow we'll be up and out early and hope to reach the border by 10:30.  There has been remarkably little traffic the entire way.  The streets of San  Carlos are almost deserted whereas it's usually bustling place.  Perhaps the rumors of the drastic fall in tourism are true.

Today is Shakespeare's birthday.  He would be 449 years old.  Happy Birthday, Will.

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