Sunday, April 21, 2013

from Tepic

Quick and easy drive here.  Five and a half hours, but there's a one hour time change so it seems like only four.  Made one stop at our favorite upscale market to pick up some goodies for dinner, got to the hotel, got our usual room but this time at a very reduced price.  Perhaps it's because they checked our record and saw we'd been coming here for over 10 years, twice a year like clockwork.  We've stashed the food in the fridge, poured a cold beer and are ready to relax.

We got away an hour later than planned this morning but since it's Sunday the traffic wasn't too bad.  In addition, the road between Colima and Guadalajara has been widened so that almost an hour is shaved off of travel time.  Along the way we saw the jacaranda trees, still aglow with that eerie blue color.

Tomorrow morning early we will be off to Los Mochis.  If we can't find a hotel there we'll drive out to Topolobampo and stay at our usual only-motel-in-town spot.  We'll see.

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mary ann said...

You write beautifully, SBC.