Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the penultimate tinagues

Yesterday's tiangues was a bittersweet trip.  Only one morre ~ next Monday ~ and we're gone.  I'll miss this Monday morning ritual, strolling down one side, visiting the usual vendors for the week's fruits and veggies, meeting and greeting, occasionally finding a seldom-seen treat such as eggplants or blackberries.  Then hauling it all home, giving it "the bath" with Microdine.  This gorgeous chard was on prominent display yesterday.

I know the stems look tough and woody but they were just as tender and sweet as ever.  The bunch was so big it had to be divided and dealt with in two parts.  I called Jack to ask if he would like a donation; he saw it, too, and bought a bunch.  I guess we'll be eating chard for a few nights running but that's just fine with me.

I'll surely miss my weekly trip to Armeria but here's another thing I am leaving behind and will be eager to see again as soon as possible.

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