Thursday, October 24, 2013

DATELINE: Bruges (4)

Today was our last full day here so we tried to make the most of it.  The weather didn't always help, but here's what we did.

First, off to the market, with camera.

Up and down these 26 stairs for all activities!
We walked up to the Markt Square for some scenics.

City museum on main square

carriages awaiting riders

clock tower

Markt Square without Wednesday market

City offices
cafes in front of beautiful buildings

this place sells fries only!
After marketing I mailed some post cards and went home  Then we went out looking for a restaurant for lunch tomorrow before we leave.  Our destination:  Le Duc du Bourgogne.

Over the canal.  You can see why it's called the Venice of the North

not Venice, but close

Mr. C surveys the canal view

flowers for sale in a little shop

there was a craft market; this fellow was selling beautiful scarves he had woven

flower boxes in restaurant windows
We found the place, made a reservation and will go back tomorrow for lunch.  We managed to snag a table by the window on the canal.  I'll document if I can.

Then we walked back to the apartment.

Bruges' s version of the Bridge of Sighs

just an ordinary apartment house

clock tower in the mist

 side street; all streets seems to have a bit of a curve to them
I was planning to go take the canal ride this afternoon, but went outside about 2 o'clock and it was very cold and the wind was howling.  Given my standoff with the cold germs I decided it was not a good idea.  Maybe tomorrow.  We have to be out of here at 10:30 and lunch isn't until 12:30 so there is plenty of time if it's not too cold.  We go to the train station for a 3:30 train to Lille.

Too much to see; too little time.  This calls for a return trip.


ddmichel said...

What a beautiful place and what GREAT photos! So enjoying your trip. xxoo

mary ann said...

glorious ~ thank you so much for all the thoughts and photos to a place where I've never been!