Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DATELINE: Paris (2)

The sun was out almost all day, then some clouds, a bit of rain, and now it's dark and cold (47º).  We expect about the same tomorrow.

Here's the apartment.  It looks almost exactly like the one over in the Latin Quarter.  I think the owner got a deal on furnishings, fabrics and paint.

the living room

dining room with, again, mirrored wall for the illusion of space

bedroom, smaller than the other one

this kitchen is actually big enough for two people and has more cupboard space

tiny tub/shower and basin

toilet in tiny closet off living room.  Note raised platform; like sitting on a throne!

apartment is on 1st floor so only one 26-stair flight up!

This apartment is across the courtyard from ours.  I took this picture to show you the tiny garret window on top with its little garden in the sky  Note sunshine!

There is a "world famous" falafel shop on this street, L'As du Falafel (The Ace of Falafel) that usually has a line a block long at the take-out window.  But when we came back from our morning shopping trip there were only a few people there.  We bought two "sandwiches" of falafel in pita with all sorts of wonderful salad garnishes and hot sauce to bring home for lunch.

It was spicy, crunchy and very filling.  I think one would have been enough between the two of us.  I'm not sure how I feel about this dish but at least I can now say I've been to this place. It also serves shawarma, sandwiches made with meat shaved off a large rotating cone of layered beef or lamb.  I'll try that next time.

Back home, I finished "War and Remembrance" and now have to look for something equally as enthralling and majestic.  That's going to be difficult.  It also has to be enjoyable because I think I'm getting THE COLD and may have to be quarantined for a day or two.  Tomorrow will tell.

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mary ann said...

lovely apartment ~ hope you did not get the cold of Mr. C!