Thursday, October 10, 2013

DATELINE: Paris (4)

It is very cold in Paris today:  47º this morning before warming up to about 52º this afternoon.  A bit of sun around 10 AM when we headed out to do errands.  First stop was the MonoPrix for the elusive light bulbs, which we found, purchased, and have installed.  Now plenty of light in the kitchen and in my bedside lamp.  Then it was over to the 6th where I remember buying a battery for my watch some years ago and, since it died a couple of days ago I decided to see if I could find it again.  I'm sure there are plenty of shops close by that would fill the same need, but it was a good excuse to go to the old nabe.  It's only about a 10 minute walk, the sun was out, why not?  Yes, I found the shop, got my watch fixed, and all is right with the world.  Walked over to rue du Buci for a look at Carton's and it's offerings.

Along the way we heard this fellow playing the flute.  Just as I snapped this photo the sun, which had been behind some clouds, came out and shone brightly.  A beautiful addition to the street.

On the way back to the 5th we passed La Procope, the oldest restaurant in Paris.  It was Benjamin Franklin's favorite.

 I dined there 34 years ago.  I still remember what I had:  pork stuffed with prunes! Alex was, at the time, an au pair for a family with two children, Aurelia and Bruno.  She was supposed to join me but couldn't find the place.  Alas, we didn't have dinner there when we were together in 2005 after our barge trip.  Next time . . .

This old theater, now part of the Sorbonne, hosted many plays with Sarah Bernhardt as the leading lady.  Hence, this commemorative plaque.

Then there is this warning, chiseled into most public buildings, this one on the Paris School of Medicine:

The street market was humming when we got back.

Mr. C bought an already-cooked pork roast for dinner.  I picked up a box of haricots verts. He had already purchased the potatoes and onions that will accompany the roast.  For dessert:  a crème brûlée but for him only.  I have to quit on the tarte au citron, etc.  The blood sugar just won't put up with such indulgences.  I also got a couple of kitchen towels; I've been unable to find any in the apartment and believe me I've look everywhere, even under the bed!

 Just a side note:  This is what we bought for dinner on Tuesday evening.  It's a small chicken, very tender and juicy with a crisp skin.  Not at all like the big, tough birds we get in the to-go section of our supermarket.  No matter what else you want to say about the French, good or bad, they do have the most beautiful food I've ever seen.  To look in the window of a charcuterie is not to believe your eyes!  I haven't yet found any céleri rémoulade, but I haven't seriously looked.  I know where I can get some over in the 14th on Alésia and we're going to be in that area in the next couple of days.  I'll check on it.

On our way up the hill to the apartment, I took this photo.  Behold!  The Panthéon, a block away.  Pretty impressive.  When we go up to Moufftard on Sunday I'll take a picture from the other side.  Equally as impressive!

Here's the little neighborhood restaurant we like so much.

This is the front door of our apartment with Mr. C about to enter.

Mr. C at the living room window.
That about does it for today.  Weather is too cold to be out wandering around right now.  We may go out later if the sun comes out and warms things up a bit.  If not, there's always reading by the light of my new bulb!

Speaking of reading, congratulations to Alice Munro, the Canadian writer who won this year's Nobel Prize in Literature.  You see?  At 82, it's never too late!  I like this quote from the Man Booker committee:  "To read Alice Munro is to learn something every time that you never thought of before."

I couldn't agree more.  I brought some Munro with me ~ Dear Life ~ and I'll get right to it.

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mary ann said...

such a treat to start my day with you and Mr. C. in Paris ~ thank you again!