Saturday, April 19, 2014

mussels in Brussels . . .

and lamb in the valley.

Daughter Cait sent mussels pix from some undoubtedly wonderful restaurant in Brussels.  She also went to Bruges where, looking at the photo she sent, it was cold and overcast.

Tonight we had a little dinner party and served a splendid spring lamb.

Ready to go into the oven with room for the potatoes.  (I always seem to photograph food before it it cooked.  Afterwards, it's eaten before I get the camera out.)  It was just OK; cooked a little long so was a bit tough and dry.  But everything else was delicious!  And we had lively conversation around the table for a really enjoyable evening.

Along with roasted potatoes, sautéed peppers and mushrooms, steamed asparagus and some deliciously tart lemon sorbet, we welcomed Spring and Easter.  Leg of lamb was the traditional Easter dinner in my family, along with lemon meringue pie made by my grandmother ~ when I was very young ~ and then my mother.  I haven't made one in years so thought it best not to inflict such a chancy dessert on guests.

I dusted off my mother's wedding china for the occasion and actually polished the silver, also known as "the good stuff."  It is my parents' wonderful Alan Adler silver that I inherited from them.  I really need to use it more often.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to see "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and I'll give a report.  It's gotten excellent reviews, has a wonderfully eclectic cast.  What could go wrong?

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