Thursday, April 3, 2014

the week of lasts

This was to be the week of "lasts" such as "last evening at Dago's" and "last tinaguis" and, today, "last trip to Tecoman, to La Bodega and crazy Carmelita's for hair cut".  Instead, it appears we have the "last gasp" of Jack's car.  We got ready to go to Tecoman but, alas, the car decided to die in the garage.  So instead, while awaiting a house call from Felipe, the mechanic par excellence over in Armeria (imagine!  a mechanic who makes house calls and isn't part of AAA) I am doing the last load of darks in our ancient washing machine, finishing the pack-up of the closet ~ these T-shirts stay, these go home ~ while listening to "A Hologram for the King" by Dave Eggers.  So as far as future auto trips to finish out the visit, maybe yes, maybe no.  I was hoping to have one last 50 peso hair cut before I have to segue into the $50 kind.  We'll see what Felipe has to say.

Last Sunday we had our last   ~ our ONLY ~ brunch party with two of our favorite guests.

It was warm and quiet so we ate out on the 2nd floor terrazza with the sun pouring in on one end and a light sea breeze wafting through from the other.  Perfect Sunday brunch weather.

I made a quiche (Mr. C made his perfect-every-time crust) and with a crispy salad it was a lovely meal.  And we had plenty of time to get caught up on, among other items, village gossip of which there is hardly any!

Monday was, indeed, my last tinaguis.  I thought it might also be the last domino game but we all agreed to meet again next Monday for the true last game.  Almost all the players have gone; two of us leave next week and those still here are  hearty souls who live here year around.

Tuesday was an out-to-breakfast date with friends at the ever-lovely Morelos Hotel in the village center.  Yesterday was more packing, cleaning, tossing, arranging and list-making.  Today, see above.  Tomorrow will, in fact, be the last Dago's.  Saturday will be the last beach opera of the season, La Boheme (a wonderful send-off).  The next one I hear will be from my own radio in my own house.

So that's how it's going from here, where the sun is shining, the sea is sparkling and rolling in and out gently, and the laundry dries in half an hour.

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