Friday, April 25, 2014

the celluloid glut

I haven't  watched a movie since  "Les Miserables" with Hugh Jackman on the flight from Atlanta to Rome back in October.  First movie since then was "The Grand Budapest Hotel" last Sunday.

It's a slapstick comedy with a rather fuzzy plot but with a big cast of famous actors playing cameo roles and having a fine time doing it.  Great scenery and settings.  Mr. C heard a rave review by one of his radio talk show hosts.  I'm not sure we and the host saw the same movie.  Yes, it was fun but deserving of a rave?  I don't think so.

Then I signed up again for the Flix® and have idled my time watching "Frozen" (loved the music, esp. "Fixer Upper" but was bored by everything else); "Philomena" (extraordinary performance by Judy Dench, lots of tissues); "Lagerfeld Confidential" (great clothes, wonderful to be in Paris again, but ZOWIE, what an incredible ego that man has, denying it all the way.  Don't bother.); and for today, "12 Years a Slave" to be followed by "Nebraska" then "Dallas Buyer's Club" and  "The Book Thief."   You can see how far behind I am.  Another couple of weeks at this rate and I'll be au courant, movie-wise.

Tomorrow's opera is "Cosi Fan Tutte" on in the valley at 10 AM, in case you're interested.  No opera salad in this time zone; perhaps an opera brunch?


mary ann said...

The Hotel tempted us until we started reading more reviews, so we will wait until the Flix for that one. I am totally loving the Most Beautiful Walk book, it is so different and delightful. Thank you again!

Liz said...

I loved the Grand Budapest Hotel!!! Great fun, lots of great lines, silly plot... Don't take it seriously, Bunz-- just enjoy it for the whimsical spectacle that it is!

Also loved Philomena, Dallas Buyers Club (M. McConnaghy & the transvestite character richly deserved their Oscars), Nebraska (just brilliantly cast & filmed in b&w-- laughed all the way through it). I try to see all the hot movies in the theater. I think you miss a lot watching some of these on Netflix... just sayin"

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, Blue Jasmine is wonderfully funny. Cate Blanchette is terrific!