Saturday, April 26, 2014


We in the valley have been sorely shortchanged on the rain end of things.  But over the last couple of days we have had a lovely, cool, wet blessing

From early Friday morning ~ let's say 5 AM ~ until Friday evening 12 hours later, we had steady, cool, sweet showers.  Not strong, not heavy.  Just a gentle rain, soaking the dry and parched earth, washing leaves and plants clean.  Today was cool and moist, although no rain.  Tonight there is predicted to be another 12 hours of gentle rain through tomorrow afternoon.  After that, SUMMER and HOT.  But we usually get more rain mid-May.  Everything in the garden is clean, damp, happy.  In town, trees are refreshed and ready for bloom.  It's a good time here in the valley.


mary ann said...

beautifully written

DAK said...

Did the house in Mexico sell? I hope not? I really have loved your posts from there.

The Fevered Brain said...

No house sale yet. The "sale" season is about done; it gets so hot/humid/buggy in the summer that very few folks are tempted. So it's on to another glorious season for us, God willing!

Liz said...

Lovely shot of your yard, Susan. Beautifully illustrates your post about the gentle spring rain. Hope the showers show up frequently throughout CA. It's been frighteningly dry.

Lowered the price on my house. A few interested parties now. Big Open House yesterday-- many lookers. Getting a bit frustrated, as I'm anxious to get back to P.S.!!!