Monday, April 21, 2014

the DMV and me

Because of  eye issue I have to get a new driver's license every two years, including a drive test.  Today was the day.  The day after we got home from MX I went to the DMV, filled out all the forms and got my picture taken.  Then I had to go to see my eye doc, get forms filled out, returned to the DMV and get my appointment with the driving tester.  This morning, Dorothy and I went to the office.  The tester folded himself into Dorothy's passenger seat and we were off on the great adventure of "what minor infractions can I check on this driver's test?"  Driving too close to another car?  One point.  Parking too far from the curb?  One point.  (Not taking note of the fact that my car is so tiny it can park half-way into the street and still be within the allowable parking area.)  Not turning 180º to look out the back window when reversing?  One point.  (Not remembering that the last time I did this test this same tester told me I didn't have to physically turn around to look out the back window but could use the rear view mirror and side mirrors for reversing.  Oh well . . .)  So a half hour later I was back in the DMV getting my "interim" license, awaiting my permanent one that will be good for only two years.

Check this blog in two years.  This same story will be posted.


mary ann said...

what a treat - I hadn't read your posts for awhile and so enjoyed every word and photo.

Liz said...

I'm with Mary Ann... Just loved the cherry blossom post. The blossoms here were late, but gorgeous. What a wonderful time of year-- if you don't have allergies :-)!

Whatever state you're in, a trip to the DMV is always a pain. But now, you're good to go for another 2 years!