Monday, May 26, 2014

away for the day

Tomorrow morning early ~ 6 AM ~ we are flying down to Orange County to attend a memorial service for Annamary Jordan, the "other" grandmother to Andrew and Em, who died about three weeks ago.  It will be a very quick trip, down and back on the same day.  Even though Peter and Alex have parted ways, we were very fond of both Annamary and her husband, "Mac."  It will be a chance to see Peter and also the g'kids, esp. Em, who leaves in early July for Argentina.

When we get back it will be time to get the ranch ready for a weekend visit from Andrew and his main squeeze, Ariel.  They'll take the train up from San Francisco for a couple of days of relaxation and, if the temperature holds up, some pool time.  I have been in the water several times over the past two days and it's absolutely perfect!

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