Sunday, May 18, 2014

next stop, Belmont!

California Chrome.  What a guy!


mary ann said...

yes, he's a beauty! I love the idea of sprinkling wild flower seeds on vacant lots - I try it myself

Liz said...

WE HAD THE HORSE RIGHT HERE... in "Maryland, my Maryland." My God, what a handsome hunk of horse flesh CA Chrome is! I always watch the triple-crown races, and I fell in love with your boy in the KY Derby! No question, he was everybody's pick here at the Preakness! Can't wait to see him at Belmont!!!

(See my wildflower comment for your last post...)

Liz said...

By the way, you mentioned Downton Abbey in your last post, which I & millions of other fans have loved... Just wondered if you have been following Masterpiece Theatre's "Mr. Selfridge?" Second year's series just ended last night, but maybe you can get Season 1 on Netflix... Highly recommend it!