Thursday, May 29, 2014

men working

Remember when "Men Working" meant being physically engaged in some sort of outdoor or at least 3rd floor endeavor?  This is what it now looks like, in the John Wayne airport on Tuesday afternoon.

Our quick trip to SoCal for the memorial service was just that; quick.  But we're very glad we went.  Got to see family and friends, dropped by the bank to chat up our investment guy, drove past my parent's old house, not repainted and with a bit of remodeling.  Saw Peter, looking very well.  Andrew will be up on Friday.  And Emily leaves on July 20 for her Junior Semester Abroad in Argentina.  ¡Adios, chiquita!

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mary ann said...

now to the pool! I need to know how you posted photos from your iPad (not iPod?) and they are the perfect size - maybe I need to read the manual too...grrrrrrr