Saturday, May 17, 2014

spring in my nabe

Since we've been back from Mexico we have had three weeks of warm, lovely weather.  But for the last three days it has been very hot ~ up to 100º.  The heat, plus a new water metering system initiated by our fair city that is going to send our utilities bills into the stratosphere, means that gardens are going to get the biggest hit.  So I went out to check out how things are doing.  About three blocks from us there is a vacant lot that someone has seeded with wild flowers and, since it's not really cared for, I know it will be gone very shortly.

We have a vacant lot across the street, too.  I think I'll try scattering some wild flower seeds there in the fall and see what happens.

I'm now all caught up on Downton Abbey.  What a great high-class soap opera.  Can't wait for Season 5.

No opera today; the radio season is finished.  Next will be Verdi's Macbeth on Saturday, October 11.  Put it on your calendar.  Instead, for today's entertainment we have the Preakness.  Do it again, California Chrome!  A California boy, don't you know.


ddmichel said...

love these photos of the poppies, I miss them!! and you xxoo

Liz said...

Just love the wildflowers, Susan! Do plant some in that vacant lot across the way. I did scatter seeds in NH on our septic system field, and it was an ongoing treat. Of course, it had to be mowed regularly, but still fun!
The natural native wildflowers along the road sides everywhere were just gorgeous. I once was the laughing-stock at the selectman's meeting, when I came to request that our road agent be asked to let the wildflowers linger a bit longer before mowing, so that that we didn't discourage them from coming back. Of course, S***-for-brains that they are, they couldn't imagine anyone making such a request-- Why, they're just a nuisance!!