Thursday, February 12, 2015

living room remo: Phase III cal

The living room walls are curing nicely as the gang moves on into the kitchen to finish repairs to the cupboards, walls and shelves. 

sofa wall with cal, a white cement that helps hold paint.
this wall is so smooth.  ready for paint in a couple of days.
 We went to the paint store (again) this morning and bought paint for the living room/kitchen, purple terrazzo wall, and a roll of membrana that goes on the roofs under a couple of coats of the waterproof stuff. Tomorrow we’ll go (again) and get more exterior wall paint, the actual waterproofing paint and one more cubeta of white for ceilings and downstairs bedroom/bath walls. Then the blessed weekend arrives and we don’t have to go anywhere or buy anything except shrimp at Dago’s and maybe lunch at Chuy’s on Sunday. Plus by 2 PM on Saturday we can get into the house undisturbed, log on to the internet and waste an afternoon web crawling.  I probably won't be able to listen to the opera on Saturday ~ The Magic Flute ~ and that's a real bummer.

 I think I have come up with a new tiling project for Eve. I’ll explain what I have in mind ~ and why ~ after I talk to him and see if he thinks it’s actually possible.

Just finished reading “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. Quite a wonderful story. I recommend it with 4 ****. 


mary ann said...

you are both so brave - I'm loving "All the Light..." too

Liz said...

Wow, what a big job!!! Since I live in an historic house that needs constant attention to maintenance, I can well understand what you are going through. Well, soon all will be well--hopefully...

I truly loved "All the Light..." A real page turner-- couldn't put it down. What a great writer Doer is to so aptly speak as one with the blind girl. I really felt that I was in her shoes.

Looking forward to seeing the "After" photos of your house!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!