Sunday, February 8, 2015

the best seat in the house

The two half-baths are done at last and I couldn't be happier. Here, from start to finish.

first phase of demo.

new collar for basin
new tiles

completed tiles

new sink

outline for mosaic gekko

Now let's move on upstairs to the more "formal"  bath (not my description; Eve decided the downstairs was baƱo loco and the upstairs mas formal.

here's where the upstairs started

demo'd and new sink collar
beginning the new tile
two sizes; larger is backsplash
never hurts to have some extra help and inspiration (plus this was a way of making up for a shortage of four tiles)

basin we bought in Dolores Hidalgo a couple of years ago
this corner is an optical illusion
almost done

So there you have it.  Two new half-baths all updated with new everything; tiles, faucets, toilets.  I am so happy with how they turned out.  Eve is a tiling genius and it was very well worth waiting for him to be available for work.

Now it's on to the rest of the house.  Deterioration never rests.


Alexandra said...

FAB U LOUS! Eve is a talented artisan and you are a savvy patron---

Alexandra said...

Now there's just "my" bathroom to year :-)

The Fevered Brain said...

Yep, the "guest" bath is next. Think I'll do the glass wall for the shower and some snazzy tiles. But for now it gets the job done as is. And I like its striped shower curtain.

Liz said...

Susan-- those bathrooms are absolutely gorgeous! Great choices on the tiles, and the craftsmanship is just first rate! Lucky you!

My heart just melted at the iguana motif-- truly delightful and inspired.

What are you doing to the living room? Just painting, or more???

mary ann said...

totally gorgeous - colorful, creative and so stunning - good job everyone!