Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday odds and ends

Here are some random photos I want to get off the computer's desktop.

Garden in the rain last week.

geraniums in front garden

palm fronds

la nochebuena

This is a photo of Friday's dawn sky smeared with all of these gorgeous colors.  It was taken on the front balcony at 7:30 AM.  Later in the morning I was picked up by three friends for a day of shopping and errands in Colima.  Meg managed to get the sofa and love seat equipal into the back of her Tahoe truck and off we went.  I dropped the furniture off for its face lift, then it was on to look for fabric in the center of town, followed by a stroll around the zillions of tiny shops.  We had lunch at Cronos.  After a nice relaxing couple of hours we hit WalMart, moved on to the Festerbond store (they sell paint products) and then on home.  It was altogether a very successful outing on the Shoppers' Shuttle.  Good fun.  Dago's for dinner.

This morning we started seriously dismantling the living room and kitchen in preparation for an invasion on Monday morning by Jaime and his crew.  We went in to Tecoman to begin the great paint purchase.  First off three 19-litre (5 gallon) cubetas for the outside and the ceilings.  There will be about seven more purchased before we're all done.  We are moving over to Jack's tomorrow to avoid the dust and noise and plan to be there for about 10 days.  May not have internet part (or all) of that time but I'll do my best to keep you up-to-date on the progress.

I leave you with a picture of this charming chap taking his afternoon sunbath.

Tomorrow being the last day I'll have internet for sure for who knows how long, join me for the great bathroom unveiling!  You won't want to miss it.

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