Saturday, February 14, 2015

living room remo: Phase IV weekend pause

It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon and the workers are done for the day and for tomorrow.  That gives us time to get a few things done over here.

sofa repainted and looking fresh and bright

ditto the bookcase
Everything in the living room is done except the two big walls.  Waiting for the cal to set and dry.  And we are having particularly wet and humid days.  It started raining lightly last night as we were leaving Dago's and didn't quit until this morning.  During the night we had some heavy rainfall that got into our bedroom at the house through the open slats.  It puddled up on the floor, soaked through the bottoms of some storage boxes we had stacked against the wall, got some books wet and wicked up the drapes.  Nothing is ruined but it's a mess.    Fortunately the work crew has not started painting on the outside walls yet but I was hoping any further rain would hold off until the new roof protection got laid down.  Alas, no, but so far the living room ceiling doesn't show any water damage.  Jack reported we had 1" of rain.  We recalled the Valentine's Day about 10 years ago when we had a huge storm; thunder, lightening, flooding.  This wasn't that bad.  We just got a good soaking.

The kitchen walls have been repainted, the cabinets repaired and repainted inside.  I can't wait to move back into it.  It is such a big, bright spot to work in.  This is the corner cabinet that was so moldy and scummy we thought it was going to have to be rebuilt.  The top was cracked and looked like it was going to fall apart.  The corner wall up to the window was black with mold.  But now, good as new, smelling like a rose (or fresh paint!).

kitchen corner, mold-free!
The purple wall on the upstairs terrazzo  got a refresher coat and looks so bright and pretty.  Next week will begin the work on the outside walls including stripping off ~ actually peeling off ~ the old paint which has actually bubbled up, split and can be pulled off in great strips.  Glad it's them, not us doing this dirty work.  This is, of course, providing we don't have more rain to slow them down.

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