Monday, February 2, 2015

cool, damp Monday

We've had a spot of rain here over the last few days.  It started about 3 AM Saturday morning ~ after the party, fortunately ~ and kept up at a light drizzle most of the day.  We had been without either phone or internet since Thursday night; it seems a big truck or bus tore down the low-lying lines a block away and everyone lost phone service.  The lines and cables were lying in the street at the corner.  Telmex showed up, looked around, drove away.  Then on Saturday morning a truck showed up with more cables and fixed some of it.  Jack still doesn't have either phone or internet.  We got everything back just in time for The Tales of Hoffman at noon.

The rest of the weekend was cool, overcast and gloomy, and this is a puente weekend because of the observance of Constitution Day today.  But unfortunately the weather is so bad that very few people showed up for the long holiday.  We went down to the malecón for comida bundled in long pants and long sleeved shirts.

It's  overcast and cool today with intermittent showers and some rumbling thunder.  Tianguis for the usual supplies.  Today I included a trip to the meat shop and bought an oxtail.  The whole thing.  Not in plastic wrap; a long, whip-like thing that the butcher cut up for me so I can make my favorite oxtail soup during this nice cool weather.  In the service of absolute accuracy, he cut off the dry, hard end that's tough and inedible.  I got the rest.

Still waiting for Eve.  Maybe tomorrow.

PS:  Re. the critter in my last post, what's worrying me now is that on Sunday morning it was gone and not by Mr. C's doing.  So now I don't know where it is, inside or out.  Think about it.

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mary ann said...

oh, I would indeed fixate on that 70 lb. spider! Let's pretend he went outside to enjoy the cool weather.
It was 70 in SF yesterday, weird, no?