Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Friday party, the Saturday guest

First, last night's party was a true delight.  There were all the usual village suspects there, friends old and new.  The first thing everyone said when we arrive was "Congratulations!"  For a minute I thought we'd won something ~ free tortillas for a year ~ but it was a resounding wish for our anniversary!

Good food, lovely setting ~ here's  their unimpeded view up the beach to the north ~

and a great group of well-wishers and party-goers.

Now, one of Mr. C's favorite aphorisms when I blanch at the sight of spiders is, "Spiders are our friends."  Well, here's one of his friends I found up in the corner of the living room ceiling.

I don't know what this particular species of "friend" is but it's big, it's black and it's ugly.  I want it OUT of the house.  But that's Mr. C's job and he has said he'll get it out and into the garden.  It better be soon.  The above photos courtesy of a really good zoom lens!

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mary ann said...

lovely photo of you two! that spider is not your friend and never will be - do not be fooled, yikes!