Sunday, January 25, 2015

the Sunday Post

It's cool and cloudy here today which is good for the plants but not so good for the wet laundry.  Eve is here chipping away on the tiles, turning the bathrooms into things of beauty and delight.  I'll probably go down to Chuy's puesto in a couple of hours to order some fish para llevar (take out) for our comida.  I don't want to ask Eve to stop work so we can have a seaside lunch; we'll do it here instead.

Yesterday was quiet, also.  No workers in the house, La Boheme streaming via CapRadio in Sacramento, lovely shrimp salad (thanks, Dago).  Then a quick domino game with Sibyl and  a delicious tomato, cheese and basil tart.  I had some cottage cheese that was fast approaching its "sell by" date and this was a perfect way to use it.  Recipe actually calls for ricotta but I like the results with cottage cheese instead.

I prefer using the Roma tomatoes we get down here; they hold their shape better and have a nice acidic flavor when cooked.  Mr. C prefers the big Sinaloas that we get in late March or April.  They're more like a Beefsteak but I think they're too big.  No matter which you use it's mighty tasty.

A propos of absolutely nothing, I love this photo of g'son Andrew and his girlfriend Arielle.  It was taken at some function they attended last December (note the black tie!) and then photoshopped over a picture of Big Ben and the London skyline.  He's there now; got a short message from him while he was on a train to Bournmouth for business.  We hope to see him in late May in situ.

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mary ann said...

great post - filled with info! I need a few more sunset shots and outdoor dining delight, OK?