Tuesday, January 6, 2015

the hot breath of the simoon

In all the years we've been coming here ~ almost 25 ~  we've never experienced weather such as this.  If we were in California we'd call it a Santa Ana.  It's the wind and heat that burn down anything in its path.  It's the wind that helped to burn down Oakland  in 1991.  It started yesterday afternoon and blew all night and most of today.  In the night I though it was raining because of the rustling of the palm fronds outside our bedroom.  I stepped out on the terrazo and was hit by very warm air.  Everything got completely dessicated overnight.  It all looked limp and beaten down this morning.  Chuy came to clean this morning and remarked that it was very strange, not usual.  I played dominoes this afternoon and we all sat around the table feeling enervated and wilted.  Even this evening we're not getting any relief.   The spray truck is driving up and down spewing out poison to take care of the mosquitoes that have shown up since the Christmas rains.  Not a breath of air to blow it around but perhaps that's OK.  Strange.

Tomorrow it's in to Manzanillo for a giant shopping.  Maybe lunch somewhere.

Then the great Jaime Hunt begins.  Jaime is the contractor who redid our floors, kitchen and bathrooms.  We have more work for him, including a repaint of the entire casa on the outside.  He's very popular and we need to get on his list soon.

Just started reading this.  I got it through my local (US) library's audio book download service, a God  send for such as me.  So far I am liking it very much.

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mary ann said...

strange weather - great descriptin!