Sunday, January 4, 2015

back to reading

A quick update so I can get back to my reading.  Yes, last night was awful but I think I was better able to shut out the horrid noise.  I went to bed about 11 PM, snoozed in and out until 3:15 AM, then waited for the silence I was sure would come any moment.  At 4 AM the disco stopped but some worthy turned on his car stereo and there was another hour or so of music and voices.  Then all fell silent and I went to sleep.  But I woke at 9 AM anyway and got the day started.  The best sounds of the day were those of the sound truck dismantling the scaffolding of the disco.  By 5 PM tonight the whole thing had been dismantled and put on a truck to be stored away until, unfortunately, Easter.  But that's 2 1/2 month away so think of all the quiet nights we'll have until then!

I am currently reading " Four Seasons in Rome" by Anthony Doerr.  It is a wonderful journal of a year he spent on a fellowship in Rome while researching and writing a new book.  He is a new father of twin boys, has never been to Rome and speaks no Italian, and is wide open to the history and culture of Italy and the city.  I am loving this adventure of his.  His attention roves all over the city and he gives us off-hand comments on what he sees, what he eats, who he meets.  For anyone who has ever been there, or anyone who wants to go there, I recommend it.

One reason I wanted to read this one first is that I will read his newest book next.  In fact, this is the book he was working on while in Rome.

(NOTE to MSMASSF:  It took him eight years ~ 8 YEARS ~ to get this one finished.  Keep typing!)

Tianguis tomorrow. Don't need much but plant lady said she'd have some oregano plants.  I want one for my newly establish herb garden out on the front balcony.

It's 8 PM and time to go to bed to repay my sleep debt from last night.

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mary ann said...

I read the Rome book when I was traveling in Italy and look forward to his new one. He is quite wonderful.