Monday, January 26, 2015

over the hump

This subject line refers to the book I'm reading.  I finally crested at  413 pages and am now on the downward slope to completion at 826 pages.  I almost gave up but I am so glad I didn't.  It gets better and better.

Tianguis this morning with Ms. NN.  Lots of good stuff; strawberries, sweet carrots, juice oranges for Sunday's treat, then the usual basics.  Bought some more of those sawdust cookies I like; I wouldn't dream of eating them without coffee or some other liquid to wash them down, but they're actually very good.  A stop at the fish market for tonight's basa, then home.  I spent most of the afternoon on the above mentioned book.  I am determined to get through it in one more week so I can move on to something else.

We are now through dinner and it is time for me to go out on the balcony and enjoy the cool evening breezes.  I love sitting out there in the dark with only the little red twinkle lights glowing and a candle on the table.  It's so quiet; no traffic, no music, no voices, only the low sound of the surf as it rolls in and out.  I could sit there for hours listening to that sound, so closely aligned with my childhood at the beach.  The bugs aren't too bad right now; I though I heard the spray truck coming through but I guess not.  So I'll move outside for awhile and enjoy the peaceful silence.  Gives me room to think.

This is what it looked like in our neighborhood tonight.  How about yours?


Alexandra said...

A lovely picture of quiet reflection, which is something we Norte Americanos rarely do; it is ever forward and onward...!

Good for you xxxooo

mary ann said...

ahhhhhh, thank you for this beautiful post

Liz said...

Lovely post and photo...

What are you reading??? I felt that way reading Hillary Clinton's book, Hard Choices, last summer. So glad I persevered, as it was very interesting and enjoyable.