Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday on the beach with Mr. C

Just as we were about to leave for comida the refrigerator repairman showed up.  We told him what the problem was, left him in the good hands of Fernando, and strolled down to the beach.  It was a beautiful clear, sunny day and the sea was sparkling.  Lots of people in the puestos, frolicking in the water and sitting along the shoreline.

We had a lovely fish fillet cooked in garlic, some hand-made potato chips, still warm and very crispy, a Victoria beer, some crunchy sliced cucumbers and some orange wedges.  Perfect.  It wasn't crowded inside so we could actually hear the sounds of the surf stretched out in front of us.

When we got home we got the diagnosis on the fridge.  It needs a new motor.  OK I guess.  Better than having to buy a whole new machine since this one is only 4 years old.  But life at the beach is very hard on appliances; they rust out, get jolted by frequent power surges/outages, and it's hot and they have to work hard.  For $140 US we are getting a new motor, new freon, a house call on a Sunday, installation and labor.  Otherwise it would be about $500 for a new fridge.  A no brainer, wouldn't you say.  Ramiro will be back tomorrow around 11 AM (after tianguis, of course) to do all the tinkering.  Meanwhile our freezer contents are over at Jack's and we're trying not to open the fridge compartment more than is absolutely necessary.

Fell asleep again listening to "The Luminaries."  This ought to tell me something, don't you think?

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