Thursday, January 29, 2015

the anniversary waltz

The margarita was fabulous.  Mr. C's special recipe is so lemony, so lime-y, and so delicious.  The tuna casserole not so much.  Too dry.  The noodles got too hard because of not enough liquid.  But it was a sterling effort  ~ his first in probably thirty years ~ and tomorrow he'll add some more of some sort of liquid.  Maybe mushroom soup if he can find it in the store.  No matter, it was a fine celebration.

No Eve today; maybe tomorrow.  Seems like I say that every day.  I know what he's working on and where so I'm not really concerned.  In fact we're not really in any hurry to get these done although I'd like to have them ready by the time Jaime starts the house painting in a couple of weeks.  And I am eager to post the photos.

Tomorrow evening we will not be going to Dago's so I'll probably go down early to order a mess of shrimp to-go for the Saturday opera salad, it being The Tales of Hoffman.  Then we'll head down to the colonia for the party.  The invite offered margaritas and piña coladas.  How could we possible say no?

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Liz said...

Happy Anniversary to you & Mr. C!!! His Margaritas are definitely the BEST anywhere! I have committed the recipe to memory, and have the ingredients here in Palm Springs, but, alas, no blender. So, I just put the tequila and lime juice in a glass, and add the frozen cubes of Crystalite to it. Better blended, but one has to improvise sometimes...