Monday, January 12, 2015

Mexican food groups

The video of the pineapples was a total mistake.  I couldn't get the "Video" button moved to  the "Photo" button.    Let it be said it's a photo of pineapples, another of the building  blocks of the Mexican diet.  And oooh weeee!  Are they sweet and juicy!

Ramiro came at 11:30 and fixed the fridge.  He replaced the motor, the freon, tinkered with whatever and we now have a fully functioning refrigerator.  In fact, Mr. C has made his first batch of ice cream.  Strawberry.  Yummm.

Jaime the Contractor came by this afternoon to measure for a big paint job (the entire house), and a tiling job in the two half baths.  He'll come back tomorrow with the (bad) news on the cost and how much paint we need to buy.  It's going to be a mess; he has to remove ALL the old paint from the exterior of the house so he can slather the walls with a water repellent treatment.  But we'll go to Jack's to avoid the mess.


Alexandra said...

That house is so lucky to be so well cared for! Slather yourself in something lovely while you are at it!

mary ann said...

oh boy, this will be a producion - I love watching from afar
the fruits and veggies are glorious