Wednesday, January 28, 2015

in the garden

At the tianguisI found these geraniums,  the perfect accent for the front garden.  Yesterday we potted them in some pretty clay pots we bought a few years ago in Patzcuaro.  I put them around the little statue of a faux St. Francis.  That is to say, I don't know who this bearded chap is but he seems quite happy under the palm tree in the little patio.  I think I'll get another couple of plants next week if they have them.  Meanwhile, the herb garden has grown by three; two basils and one rosemary.

No Eve today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Hot today but the sea breeze has come up and it's lovely and cool tonight.    Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary; 51 years of nothing but fun and games.  We'll celebrate with one of Mr. C's dy-no-mite margaritas and a (his choice) tuna casserole!  But Friday evening we're going to a little drinks party, not for us but we'll celebrate anyway.

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mary ann said...

sincere congrats and enjoy that tuna casserole!