Thursday, January 22, 2015

much better, thanks

I have recovered from whatever ailed me on Monday and have spent the last two days in a frenzy of activity.  Early Tuesday morning we took off for Tecoman to do a long list of errands.  The first one was to the hardware store over on the far side of the city.  Our search was for a couple of mezcladoras for the new sinks.  We found just what we wanted; you'll see them in the "After" photos when the bathrooms are done.  Then it was back into the middle of town to relieve our bank of the burden of some of our money so we could carry one shopping.  Next stop was the big nursery for two bags of dirt and two new bougainvilleas to replace the very old one that finally died over the summer.  Deep, bright purple.  Omar will dig holes tomorrow and we'll get them into the ground so we can enjoy them this season (or until they die, whichever ends first).  Next was a usual stop at the Bodega market for odds and ends.  Home for lunch, dominoes at 2 PM (I didn't win), then an enjoyable happy hour in the puesto with fellow players.

Wednesday we left home at 9 AM for the trek up to Colima for yet another day of shopping, etc.  We had been warned of the traffic problems due to road construction but it wasn't bad at all.  We arrived at the front door of the tile shop at just aabout 10 AM after having to circle around for a parking place.  The big mall across the street has been completely remodeled, the underground market is gone, the free parking lots are gone and it's now a very upscale, slick plaza.  We found all the tiles we wanted, waited around while they were fetched from the warehouse, finally got them and we were on our way.  Next stop was WalMart for more shopping of essentials; bleu cheese for Mr. C, some genuine Italian tomatoes in cans ~ a miraculous find last year and they had more (or more of last year's) this year.  We bought all they had.  They're probably breathing a sigh of relief that those old cans are gone!  But the Mexican do not sell canned tomatoes.  Don't know why; Lord knows they have plenty of the essential ingredient.

Next we went on to the equipal furniture maker and  ordered new fabric for the sofa and the love seat.  They are now 14 years old and need some refurbishing. 


Love seat

They will come to the house either tomorrow or Saturday to pick up the pieces (we have no big transport as you may recall) and bring them back in a week or so.  New color scheme.  Now I need new pillows . .

It was now about 1 PM and we drove over to our favorite Cronos for lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor Nelson who were also taking care of business in Colima.   Delicious crepes, cold beer.  We left about 2 o'clock and buzzed right along, no traffic UNTIL . . . UNTIL . . . a dead stop just over the top on the hill on the way down (fortunately).  Thirty-five minutes later the long, long line began to inch forward.  Accident.  It looked like a container had slid off a flat bed truck and overturned.  No evidence of the truck, however.  Just the container.  We finally got past it and it was smooth sailing all the way home.

Today we did nothing.  Eve showed up to check out the tiles I had bought but didn't stay to work.  He had to do the final tweaking on the pool surround at G & K's.  Tomorrow he'll be here at 8 PM.  Fernando stopped by; surgery postponed until tomorrow.  Mañana.  I am still reading the same book I've been dealing with for about three weeks.  Every time I start I fall asleep.  But I'm almost half done so I can't quit now.  Besides, I'm intrigued!

No interesting photos to put up.  Too busy.  So here's a little shot of my fledgling herb garden out on the balcony.  Oregano on the left, thyme on the right.  Both flourishing.  Both so fragrant and tasty.

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great recovery ~ hoooooray