Wednesday, March 11, 2015

a milestone birthday

Today is granddaughter Emily's 21st birthday and we, down here in the tropics, send her our heartiest felicidades up there in Walla Walla.  She is taking off in the next few days to visit brother Andrew in London.  Then (oh lucky woman) it's off to Paris for her very first visit.  Imagine being 21 and seeing Paris for the first time.  Dreamy!

Here,  where it's just about as far from Paris as possible, Eve arrived yesterday to begin the wall project.  First he chipped away at the wall cap to make some grip surface for the pegamento.

Next he began the layout for the tile pattern.  The big ones are the tiles we used when we redid all the floors.  The patterned tiles are left over from the kitchen remo.   Never throw anything away; you never know when an opportunity to tile something may arise!

He should be back today to finish the layout on the tops, cut the pieces for the sides and maybe even do some grouting.  I like it!


mary ann said...

oh, happy 21st!

Liz said...

You two are tiling maniacs!!! :)

Looks gorgeous! Aren't you lucky to have that wonderful craftsman there?