Saturday, March 14, 2015

cool weather cooking

We have been watching the weather for the past few days.  BIG RAIN IS COMING, or so the weather sites say.  But it did look threatening on Wednesday.

Then this passed and we had a reprieve.  But it all started this morning about 4 AM with thunder rolls, lightening and a nice drenching.  It's  supposed to be like this, off and on, for three or four days.  Saw this beauty in the garden this morning, beaded with rain drops.

But the rain has returned big time.  In buckets!

 Right now, as I look out the windows and listen to today's opera, Rossini's Lady of the Lake, the rain is pouring down.  It will last for about 2 minutes, then stop for awhile to let it all soak in then start again.  I am having my traditional shrimp salad, thanks to dinner at Dago's last night.  It was the last Friday get-together with the Neighbor Nelsons who leave for the US on Monday morning.  It seems it was a mighty short season for them but they insist it was the usual time.  My assessment:  they need to stay longer.

To take advantage of the cooler weather I decided to do something interesting with fish.  On Thursday we did errands in Tecoman and ended up back in
Armeria for fish.  A Diane Kennedy recipe came to mind; roasting a whole fish.  I found two small red snappers at the fish market and hit on Huachanango Veracruzana.  I've made it before and it's always good.

First the little fishies, cleaned and gutted.  You poke it all over with a sharp knife, rub it with salt and lime juist and let it marinate.  T he rich and delicious tomato sauce is made with fresh tomatoes, jalapeños in escabeche, fresh oreganop (from my own garden!),onions and garlic.

Pour over the fish and pop into the oven. 

An hour later, dig in (watch for bones)!  ¡Muy picante y sabroso!

The internet is very sporadic today so I better get this posted before I lose it again.  Some dinner guests tonight so I must bustle around and get things ready.  Mr. C is making coffee ice cream for the event.

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