Sunday, March 22, 2015

back in business

A year ago Fernando decided he wanted to put his puesto on the market.  Then, instead of selling it he rented it.  The rental period was up last week and he decided not to renew the lease.  He reopened it as his own again and we are delighted he did.  Chuy cooks the best fish on the malecón, bar none (Dago holds that honor for shrimp).  We went down for comida and believe me, she has not lost her touch; a beautiful piece of fresh fish fillet sautéed in garlic, some guacamole, rice, steamed veggies, fruit salad and house-made French fries.  What could be better on a beautiful Sunday afternoon?

And indeed it was beautiful; clear, warm, sunny with a light breeze.

The crowd was sparse when we arrived but by the time we strolled home it was jumping with families both in the restaurant and down at the beach tables.  Fernando and Chuy, along with their kids and relatives had worked all week getting the place ready.  I went down  during the week to check on progress; it was a terrible mess when the renters left ~ une disastre as Fernando called it ~ but today everything had been scrubbed and polished and cleaned and it looked almost new and unused.

This is the view looking north . . .

 and looking south.

Endless stretch of sand and sea and not too many people (yet).  That blue plastic tub on the beach is a little kiddie pool; all the puestos have them to amuse the small fry and keep them safely out of the (sometimes treacherous) surf.

Welcome back to the business of food and drink down on the beach.  Our Sundays haven't been anywhere near as tasty since you left!

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