Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hadjabi, party of 5

Who, you may well ask, are the Hadjabis?  I really have no idea except that they had reservations on this morning's flight from BZN to SLC and didn't make it.  Why is this important to me?  Because we got two of their five seats!  There were five non-revs waiting to board the 6:25 am flight to Salt Lake.  The gate official called twice for the Hadjabis to get a move on and get to the gate because the door was going to close in 10 minutes.  We all looked at our watches and waited.  At five more minutes the gate official announced it again and urged the H's to step on it if they wanted to make the flight.  Three minutes, two minutes, one minute and still no H's.  We got the nod and all rushed to get seated and off we went.  Thank you Hadjabis, wherever you are and WHOever you are.

Made it to SLC early, found our SLC - SMF gate and again waited to see who didn't show up.  We got seated, me in Business Class, Mr. C. in an exit row with more room.  Easy flight across the snow covered mountains, down into the valley tule fog for a bumpy landing.  But we're home safely after a very splendid Thanksgiving trip.  I have photos to put up but they're all on the lap top so I have to transfer them first.  Caitlin had told us that flights for the rest of today and tomorrow were packed so we feel lucky to have made all our connections.

Now it's the big push to get out of here by Thursday morning.  The car packing begins tomorrow, interspersed with housecleaning, pedicure and massage.  I'm getting in the mood.

Overheard on the airplane.  Two women sitting in front of me were on their way to a business meeting.  One was discussing something about a third person.
Woman on the left:  "I don't think I know who she is."
Woman on the right:  "She's the one with big ears and the striped hair."
Woman on the left:  "Oh yes, I know who you mean."

How could she not?


mary ann said...

welcome home for a few days! love the striped hair conversation...eager to see more photos. Alex feeling better?

Anonymous said...

Liz says:

Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving visit with family. Happy packing!