Wednesday, November 28, 2012

here and not here

It's less than 24 hours before we start off on our annual Great Mexican Adventure.  The house has been cleaned, everything washable is now clean, the electric blanket is on the bed, the 'fridge cleared out of mystery contents.  Car is stuffed ~ I thought this would be a light year ~ and gassed and ready to make the long, six-day trip.  And this is the absolute last year we're going to drive down.  Next year Alaska Airlines will have the honor of transporting us.

My desktop computer is littered with photos of our splendid Thanksgiving in Bozeman so here they are.

Thanksgiving Eve snowstorm

Front deck resort on Thanksgiving afternoon.  Better than Aspen!

The table

The bird
The carrots
The dressing (with chorizo and fennel and mighty good, too!)
The pies
The next generation
We also had brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and green beans but somehow those pictures got lost.  But enough is enough.

This is a particularly pretty time of year here in the northern valley.  This is our beautiful Chinese Pistache tree in all of its autumnal glory.  These trees are all over town and along the highways.  They make for a stunning sight.

After today's heavy rains and wind, it is almost bare.

So that's about it for past history and current events.  We're off at 6 am tomorrow, destination La Jolla.  Two days there, then to Tucson for a night which will include dinner with friends.  We'll cross the border at Nogales on Sunday morning.  Three and a half days of driving and we'll get home on Wednesday.  Chuy is already planning the chiles picadillo for our dinner.  I'll do my best to post along the way.  I am planning that it will be completely uneventful.

¡Hasta luego!

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mary ann said...

Thinking of you ~ check in as often as you can! Love the Bozeman pics...