Saturday, November 10, 2012

the great countdown

The countdown starts tomorrow. One week until we take off for Bozeman for Thanksgiving. This is what it looks like at Cait's house today.

From the front deck

From the back deck

We are looking at a long range forecast of much better weather for T'giving week; way up into the 40's. But it sure is beautiful right now.

Two weeks from today we return home to finish packing for the trip south.  The house looks like a staging platform for some great migration.

First boxes
We'll be here five more days after returning from BZN, long enough to get the car packed and the house cleaned, for me to get a pedicure and do any last-minute shopping for must-haves.  Then it's off on another (and, we've decided, our last) great driving adventure through what many consider hostile territory but by now we think of it as just long and mostly boring.  Our house sitters (two young lawyers ~ she is a clerk for a federal judge, he landed a job with a firm in SF) move it right away so Dorothy won't be alone.  We expect to arrive at the beach by early in the first week of December.  I'll be sure to get Chuy to cook up some chiles picadillo for our arrival.  See, I'm already getting in the mood.  So it's back to the packing . . .


mary ann said...

Looking forward to new dog and people pics at Thanksgiving ~ brrrrrr, that icey cold and gorgeous snow. Have a wonderful time as you always do!

DAK said...

Why would it be your last trip? Or do you mean your last drive?