Thursday, November 29, 2012

one down, five to go

Greetings from La Jolla, from the desk of our hostess.  We left home at 6 am this morning and raced down the length of our great state.  Got here at 2:30, tired and stiff.  I have a couple of photos to post but have to wait until I can use my own machine.  Plans for our brief visit include breakfast with friends tomorrow morning, probably some window shopping in the afternoon, depending on the weather, someplace tasty for dinner tomorrow evening, and then we're off to Tucson on Saturday morning.

We had good weather most of the way, with some fog and heavy mist at the highest elevation over the Grapevine and again in the LA basin.  The great thing about this drive is that from the I-5-405 junction to Oceanside, there's a car pool lane and if you don't drive 75 MPH you'll cause a pile up.  We were through LA before we knew it!

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