Saturday, December 1, 2012

two down and four to go

We made it to Tucson in good time; not much traffic on a Saturday morning.  Left La Jolla at 6 am, arrived here 2  pm.  Settled in our usual hotel that has a BIG refrigerator so we can re-chill all our ice chest contents.  We had a lovely stay in that little jewel of a town where I spent five of my "formative" years.  Breakfast with friends at that fine old dowager hotel, the La Valencia.   A walk with P's beautiful goldens, a nice stroll down Girard Street, and an early dinner at Manhattan, a quiet and cozy restaurant.  Then home, early to bed, and up at 4:30 am to start the day.

Later this afternoon we're going to visit two another Bishop's classmates for what I know from experience will be a talk-filled dinner.  Back here, early to bed, and tomorrow to Nogales and the Mexican border.  Next post from San Carlos.

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mary ann said...

thanks for the updates ~ drive with care and conversation